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 wireless sensor network

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PostSubject: wireless sensor network   Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:40 am

intro for wireless sensor network... this reviews is part of my dissertation....i just modified something.... i hv done some work in tinyos and crossbow nodes....let me know who r interested...

Technology Review at MIT and Globalfuture identify WSNs as one of the “10 emerging technologies that will change the world”

Wireless sensor network are used in modern systems such as high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, manufacturing facilities, battlefields, etc. they need to be monitored round the clock for high availability. Such systems typically consist of embedded sensors in networked subsystems that can transmit data to central (or remote) monitoring stations in order to do diagnostics and prognostics decision.

Application specific nature and severely constrained resources leads many researches focus on their own customizations rather than more general and reusable hardware abstraction designs. Various Research Projects and Prototypes are stated in Berkeley mote family, UCLA Medusa family, Ember nodes, MIT microAMP, NEST, BWRC picoradio node, PASTA node are devoted to the development of micro-sized wireless sensor networks, including sensor/platform hardware, networking protocols and operating system software.

MICA, MICA2, and MICA2DOT motes by Crossbow, Dust Motes by Dust Networks, i-Bean Endpoints, Routers and Gateways by Millennial Net, and Evaluation Modules and Developer Kits by Ember are examples of the most competitive commercialized sensor/platform hardware products. These platforms generally consist of a micro-processor, a communication unit and onboard sensors or integrable sensor board modules.

Dust Networks’ DustCloud , Millennial Net’s network protocol , Ember’s EmberNet protocol , and MeshNetworks’ MEA (MeshNetworks Enabled Architecture) powered by MSR (MeshNetworks Scalable Routing) protocol and ATP (Adaptive Transmission Protocol) service are dedicated to the development of RF chips and software libraries for self-organizing and self-healing wireless networks.

TinyOS, developed at UC Berkeley, is the operating systems exclusively intended for wireless sensor networks, providing flexibility for customized routing, sensing and processing tasks.
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wireless sensor network
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