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 Spring Greeting

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PostSubject: Spring Greeting   Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:08 pm

Dear Friends,

Haven't been here for some while. Spring time - time for cleaning up. The day before yesterday I cleaned the window in the living room (8x2 m, took me some four hours), yesterday I cleaned the one in the kitchen (no fences, nothing, 7th floor,. really dangerous) - today I am up for a more relaxing and secure cleaning - my computer. Came across my MEF account. And it is like with dresses, either use it or trash it. So I thought time to write again.

Last time I was mainly pointing out the free online services of Babylon. Really useful stuff, but if you are into a real translation job (writing a manual...) then nothing can compete with the ease of the Babylon Dictionary Software. If you a a short project no need to buy it, they have a two weeks free trial version.

Have a good spring,
Love - Ariella - the free climber
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Spring Greeting
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