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 A legendary men

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PostSubject: A legendary men   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:55 am

Trace to its source.Air jordan shoes A legendary brand was born, it is both functional excellence footwear, but also a cultural icon. At that time it is a revolutionary product, breaching the NBA's "dress uniform" provisions of the NBA ban was wearing. Michael its own way, still wearing it play, be stricken as high as $ 5,000 each in fines. Meanwhile, Michael Jordan in the Union and the international competition brought on to the first All-Star game in brilliant debut, was named Rookie of the Year reputation, was the Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird dubbed the "God Avatar - Michael Jordan.
If you are asked "Do you like Cheap jordan shoes"I think the answer is Yes,even though some peole not be jordan fans but the high quality jordan shoes are so famous among people, Buy jordan shoes to wear or to collect is become a fashionable trend
Jordan 23 from the toe, the tip of toe the Jordan signature was embossed. The side of the shoe with an embroidered gives plus the cosmetic effect. The tongue of the left and right are different for the first time with a Jumpman logo on the right shoe and the number "23 "integrated into the left shoe. The shoe also features a glittery glossy panel that covers the body of the shoe sole. This was the first Air Jordan that was skilled not to use glue.
This article was written by qq84442521 on 2010-7-29
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A legendary men
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