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 AIR Jordon Chronicles(3)

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PostSubject: AIR Jordon Chronicles(3)   Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:01 am

16.Jordan 16 names of the 17th February 2001, the official market, the gr??

th feature of the K?body of the shoe k?can be extracted, but not as good as

Michael jordan shoes 15 generation

17.9th February 2002, the new generation of shoes Jordan started 17,

advertising is synonymous with a Hollywood movie, s good?r, surprisingly,

the collaboration?Retes U.S. $ 210 so many people frightened Jordan 18

generations of the form are very controversial, some say that shoes b?sen

jerk are you?u, hard to read, some say that the shoes are stupid?UES

zuVoraus to reflect the temperament of Jordan.
18.Jordan 18 generations of the form are very controversial, some say that

shoes b?sen jerk are you?are hard to read, some say that the shoes are

stupid?UES zuVoraus to reflect the temperament of the Jordan.

air jordan shoes 18 shoes in the name

of the blue-white?s cover is in place with leather and K?body with a smooth

leather shoe that fit the vision, dassNike Jordan 17 generations as a

marketing strategy, Jordan 18 generations of the Porsche Sport Design

reference platform were used, the c?Ing single blue stripe, very beautifuln,

very light and feel the wind, dassJordan 18 is the generation of design -

19.jordan shoes is the generation of

the most poisonous snakes in Africa 19Eine that make the design. EsBlack

Mamba is the snake, the most poisonous snakes in the world and is the

fastest. It may Tempo19 km pursuit of prey, once bitten people, the

mortality rate of almost 100%. If 14 of the latest generation design, Jordan

is one metaphor Panther speed and skill, k?nnte be said on behalf of 19

Black Mamba snake taught his rivals in the Constitution and the resurrection

of the toxicity?t, two completely different animals Au?outside of

Michael jordan shoes on the style of

metaphor Court, 19 In the name of the snake based and therefore derLuft

vollSchlange spirit. This pair of shoes from the unconventional is most faux

snakeskin shoes overshoes prepare the surface?che. 16 generations from the

beginning, Jordan shoes, laces always covered, 19 Produktionsst?tten n 'is

no exception, even covered up by knitting plastic. Unlike the previous three

generations, 19 generations is updated by the coverage of the concept

completely?Chi. woven plastic?Bridge snake as a reference model moves, and

no longer produce and Faltenbeeinflussen Fu feelings?overshoes automatically

deformed legs twisted into a hard plastic fibers such as shoe covers its Z-

shape?ability, but can not be exaggerated deformation before, both have

served to protect the wound Fu?, But the R?the deformation as a result, they

are not, because the physical St?strength and blocking users in the foot?in

motion all reasonable Ma?participated.
20.cheap jordan shoes 20 Retro names

strong wind blowing, so simple wieeinige fa?it, the whole shoe look hard,

but good, and then see the attention to detail, you can find shoes, a sense

derIdentit?t Obviously Hurache 2K4 part of the ankle shadows, shoes, K?

rperteile to the design of Jordan II seem to be drawn double velcro already

repeated, followed by the Department of points is the mark PUMA Shoes Retro

-line units, is the superior species (sample) dieauff?lligsten place, a shoe

model with a laser, a closer look easy, almost all of the above has been in

the gefundenSchatten of the Jordan series shoes, including Jordan, Jordan 45

14 Generation of classical and even the logo of Ferrari in derMit laser

scanning Describe the shoes.
It is write by koo on 2010.9.5
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AIR Jordon Chronicles(3)
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