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 Jordan sent to rally the Bulls actually asked James

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PostSubject: Jordan sent to rally the Bulls actually asked James   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:03 pm

Morning of the first July is the day NBA free agent deroffizielle He opening of the negotiations this morning, LeBron - James refu three things: the support of a few interested teams in his phone, a rattle and a mysterious package. As it wrapped around a secret, not natural is known, what was dasinnen. A few days spiter Further guest amenities, the package only.
Unpack spiter a pair of Nike basketball sent to Chicago (see above), the classic series 1, on behalf of the jordan shoes basketball. In fact, a world famous name of the operator dassist Leo - Benetton weekly PR activity?ten (dieWerbeagentur in Chicago), the air jordan shoes are part of this event. Bulls ki James can see the pain.
GanzErster Monday, the James House in the media, local newspaper "Akron BeaconPosted called into question, a message that James'LeBron, have the fans of Chicago a question for you, so you figure a Grate can throw it Whatis Items with a Reliefkar temenschliche shape, and Jordan, great as a logo Similar to a classical ball Enter the position, this model can be described as somewhere in Chicago.
Then Tuesday said they Dene-mail James is a pair of red and black classic cheap jordan shoes, James Dares asked in to feetien.
Then Wednesday, sent them a Michael jordan shoes?They are empty ring has seven empty Pl?tze, suggesting that Bi Qiaodan mehrMeisterschaft. With a question Kican fill in the boy You ring the bell?"
It is write by koo on 2010.9.8
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Jordan sent to rally the Bulls actually asked James
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