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 Compact trapeze shape AIR JORDAN CONCEPT explained the conce

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PostSubject: Compact trapeze shape AIR JORDAN CONCEPT explained the conce   Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:55 am

When the world countless fans who love Michael jordan shoes, from the home TV screen to see air jordan shoes XXI ads when suddenly discovered that Jordan has been by a superb athlete, sublimation as a concept rooted in every dress Jordan basketball shoe aficionados. The Flying shoe design concepts, but also by the sky high top shoes AIR JORDAN series, the spread to the body JORDAN TEAM series of shoes. By the end of 2005 following the AJ XXI to people in sight, jordan shoes CONCEPT (hereinafter referred to as CONCEPT), shoes, as the name (CONCEPT can be used for ideas, concepts, meaning), a good exposition of the concept trapeze.
As a result of all leather surfaces, CONCEPT rely on its own breathable upper material properties, to ensure the comfort of sneakers. Forefoot cheap jordan shoes is not very wide, inside and outside the body of the shoe on both sides of the bottom portion of extension will make the wearer feel very good package with tie of. CONCEPT of the upper high lace holes is not a lot, and only six teams, it is easier to wear off.
It is write by koo on 2010.9.14
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Compact trapeze shape AIR JORDAN CONCEPT explained the conce
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