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 An Interesting news from Your-Freedom

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PostSubject: An Interesting news from Your-Freedom   Wed Oct 25, 2006 10:05 am

As we all known,
"Your Freedom" is a service that enables you to mainly do two things:

* Bypass Firewalls, Proxies and content Filters
* Stay anonymous while surfing, playing and downloading
There is a bad news at www.your-freedom.net as follow:

Myanmar special MODIFIED
We've given away more than 3500 BASIC packages to Myanmar users for free -- and used up a significant part of the country's bandwidth, it seemed. This wasn't our intention and it certainly is not good. It simply stirs up too much muck.

As a consequence, we have discontinued the program and have replaced it with another one: users from Myanmar now don't get a BASIC package for free anymore, but their FreeFreedom package is less restrictive. It still allows for 10 concurrent streams and it does not disconnect every so often.

We hope that this will be considered a fair compromise by everyone. We know that nearly no-one in Myanmar can afford to buy our packages and our modification to the FreeFreedom profile wasn't aimed at them.

We reserve the right to withdraw this free upgrade offer at any time.
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PostSubject: thank you for sharing information   Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:27 pm

thank you for your freedom infromation.
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An Interesting news from Your-Freedom
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